Bitcoin Core Lead Maintainer Steps Back, Encourages Decentralization

Wladimir J. van der Laan

Bitcoin Core lead maintainer Wladimir J. van der Laan has decided to relinquish his top position in the bitcoin core project.

Wladimir J. van der Laan who headed the bitcoin core maintenance since April 7, 2014, after being nominated by his predecessor Gavin Andresen recently published in his personal blogs his intentions to move on to other pressing matters and wishes to take a back role in directing the affairs of the Bitcoin core project.

In an article posted on his blog Laanwj cited strange strange expectations from people as one of the major factors for his actions.  

He said :
Recent events have made me reflect on a few things in my life I was already thinking about for a while. Also, responses on social media have made me realize that people have strange expectations from me, and what my role in the Bitcoin Core project is.

Bitcoin has grown a lot since I started contributing to it in 2011. Some arrangements that were acceptable for a small scale FOSS project are no longer so for one runing a 600 billion dollar system. Market cap is famously deceptive, but my point is not about specific numbers here.

One thing is clear: this is a serious project now, and we need to start taking decentralization seriously.

Laanwj Expertise would be needed to keep bitcoin core at the Top of its performance, he promised to always be available and assist  having streamlined a structure for continuation of the project maintenance while a new core leader is assigned.

In a somewhat unrelated event, Craig Wright Last week promised to go after bitcoin developers through legal means in his quest to establish his bitcoin founder (satoshi)  claim.