Women Purchase More Bitcoin than Men.

Chart Women Buy more

Men may make up more than half of all bitcoin owners, however, more women are purchasing bitcoin according to a recent study by Gemini.   The survey found cryptocurrency investing is becoming more diverse.

According to a new Gemini trends report published Friday, out of the 13.5% of 2,000 respondents that are current or previous cryptocurrency investors, 41.6% were women. Of the 9% that are planning to invest, 40% were women. The figure represents a "significant shift" from earlier findings that suggested women in the U.K. make up around 21%–22% of crypto investors, the exchange said.

Overall, the 13.5% of those polled who said they are current or previous investors is up 152% from 2019 research carried out by the Financial Conduct Authority, a U.K. regulator. Men tended to hold more cryptocurrency than women in categories over £10,000/$13,694 (65.8%) and below £500/$685 (62.1%). However, women made up 53.4% of those holding £1,000–£5,000 ($1,369–$6,847).

"This new data demonstrates an increasingly diverse base engaging with crypto and indicates how the market is likely to evolve over the longer term," said Blair Halliday, head of U.K. at Gemini. Conducted in early Q4 2020, Gemini's research represented "a nationally representative survey of 2,000 U.K. respondents," per the report. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the largest portion of British cryptocurrency investors, 21.9%, are from Greater London, followed by 14.6% from the West Midlands region.

Reflecting the results of other studies, cryptocurrency investors age 18-24 made up 27.5% of the group, while those age 25-34 dominated at 33.1%. Around 24% were age 35-44.


Over half (57%) who expressed no interest in crypto investing were over 55.


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