Wife divorces husband after purchasing bitcoins

divorce husband

In an incident that seems straight out of a movie, a married woman got divorced from her husband because he had purchased some bitcoins. A rare case was reported from Bali Indonesia, wherein the divorced woman ended her 3-year-old marriage with her husband to help him spend the rest of his life making costly life decisions like gambling money, getting drunk, stacking sats, and Rendezvous with long time ex-girlfriend. 

His promiscuity at the time prompted her to take the mature decision of stepping away from the love triangle according to inside sources and neighbors who were usual mediators when things get hot.  The wife is very mature, she divorced him & helped him marry his girlfriend. 

Lawyer of the man who got divorced from his wife told reporters that her client was in love with both the bitcoin--his wife as well as his girlfriend and had hoped to sustain the Dynamics of their relationship. 



image: @invadingkingdom


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